Its a Giveaway! SAQA Urban Textures

I’m excited that the fabric is hitting stores. To celebrate and toot my own horn a bit, I’m having a giveaway. There will be 2 lucky winners!  I just know that when you see this fabric you will want more, more, more! If you do, it is available at eQuilter . I received a fat quarter packet of all the colors and designs and it is luscious.

There was one little glitch along the way when my name was misspelled on the selvedge. It was corrected on subsequent runs of the print, so if you buy some with “designed by Jane Paine Dawes”, that’s my mom and she had nothing to do with the design of the fabric, she just designed ME! Andover and Daryl, Luana and the whole team were great to work with.

To refresh your memory, here is the quilt I designed with the fabric so you can see the 3 colors. And a picture of some wonderful market bags Andover gifted me from Quilt Market. Each winner will receive one of these great bags and a fat quarter of each of the colors of my design from the collection.  All you have to do is post a comment and tell me what your next quilt project is going to be. Winners will be selected at random on 12/10/2014. By the way, for a free pdf download of my quilt, Out of the Concrete, go here!

.painedawes_out of the concrete


58 thoughts on “Its a Giveaway! SAQA Urban Textures

  1. My next project is an art quilt to celebrate our daughter’s wedding. I’m sure the fabric would be a wonderful addition to the piece.

  2. Congratulation’s to you!! Toot away your fabric is delicious. I am about to begin an alligator head wall hanging. Doing some gelli printing and enjoying the process. shelly beth

  3. Your fabric is wonderful. You must be so proud, especially now that they got your name right!! My next project is a landscape showing the sun setting on the meadow at the end of our road. I have the large background shapes stitched down and will be adding lots of trees..

  4. I love your fabric! Congratulations – I know it took a lot of work to get it done! My next project is an 18″ square piece for my local SAQA group about the Midwest.

  5. Congratulations. I know what it is like to get a name mis-spelled. Mine is hard enough that it happens to me a lot….or they don’t know whether they are dealing with me or my Mother.

  6. Kudos! The fabric is fabulous and so gritty. Love the textures. My next project is a Christmas quilt for someone I do not know but is a client of CASA. I hope she likes bright colours. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  7. You’re Mom makes great fabric 😉 The colors are gorgeous!!
    Let’s see my next project is to make something for my Grandson. Not sure what . . . yet.
    Again beautiful fabric!!

  8. I love this fabric and it’s nice that you are now getting the credit and not your mom! My next project is an interpretation of one of my paintings using my dyed/stamped/stenciled fabrics.

  9. nice collection–and congratulations Janice. I’ll be working on my next art piece in january for the SAQA exhibit of Diaspora. This week though, I have work and jury duty.

  10. Beautiful fabric. Next quilt project (singular?)? LOL. If only …a couple of very small art quilts, 2 challenge quilts for the spring guild show, and a gift quilt for a friend of my daughter’s.

  11. Looks like wonderful fabric. My next project is a re-do of my Mother’s Sun Bonnet Sue Blocks.

  12. Love the concrete sidewalk gray…but it also looks just like the partly frozen stream and rocks in my backyard! Need to finish a shiny starry winter wall hanging, then on to an abstract pieced plus sashiko stitched table runner.

  13. Congratulations! The colors are my favorites to work with. My patchwork goes in the direction of ‘liberated’ ala Gwen Marston, and your lovely fabrics would work up great in a quilt. Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. These will make great blenders for my photo quilts. However, my next quilt will be based on text, one of the design exercises from my art group.

  15. Well done Janice , a great fabric design. Hope to see it here in the UK soon. My next work will be something that uses my painted cloth and so your fabric would coordinate very well. xxx Sally

  16. I will work on a piece that makes the most of gradations of color; would love to have your fabrics to use.

  17. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! My next project is an owl themed quilt for my oldest son and a BOM that starts in January. Why two? Because nobody can do just ONE at a time! lol

  18. Beautiful fabric colors. My next projects are going to be items for holiday gifts. I will be making mini quilts and pillows for my special people.

  19. lovely fabric; our next project is a Boy Scout signature wall hanging for darling grandson, perhaps we could use your FQ in it if we win; thanks for the chance!

  20. What fun fabrics! My next art quilt will be for an upcoming exhibition “Connections”. I’m still contemplating how to approach that theme.

  21. the next projects – hmm no idea I just know for sure that it’s not going to be a Christmas presents … I’m on a no handmade gifts trip this year .. at least not made by me, I’m just too busy with important stuff … ohh well but maybe the Round Robin centre counts 19×27 inches to show all the others what kind of patterns and colours and shapes I like that’s like condensing down all your favourites and squeezing them in a tiny box …

  22. I LOVE your fabric! Wonderful visual texture. My next quilt will be something abstract; lately I’ve been stuck in a representational rut…

  23. Love the colors and they set the grey off very nicely. I’d like to try some more modern designs on my next project. I like to dye fabric but haven’t really started to put them to use. Maybe I’ll try your design. Thanks.

  24. What great fabric – congratulations. My next quilt has been commissioned as a gift and part of the gift is for the recipient to have some involvement in the planning of it, so right now I have no idea what it will be like!

  25. My current project are fabric art cards for the holidays. next project? A memorial to fallen firefighters.

  26. I just saw these and loved the idea and the fabrics. Next project: large abstract flowers on a royal blue background for a pink wall.

  27. My next project is a landscape of Central Park…..I’m sure this fabric could fit in there somewhere!

  28. I saw this fabric on the eQuilter site – I really like it!

    What fun to read about everyone’s next project. I have two in the design stage – a galaxy spinning in space, and a scene of 3 bridges. I’m going to start working on both of them, and see which one draws my attention.

  29. My next project, which has been sitting on my cutting table for a couple of months, will be a portrait art quilt – when I get the courage to “just do it”!!!

  30. Hi Janice… HOORAY! The line is launched and it is wonderful! So many congratulations. Preparing a new entry for CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists Group Exhibitions in 2015. This line could be JUST what I need. The design is ready… circular, layers with many fabrics, heavily hand stitched and embellished with found objects.

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