The Missing Fabric for Take 2 White River Hope

I found another bin of fabric this morning and inside was the elusive green fabric I was missing. On my design wall,( been there forever) covered by other WIPs, was enough of another important fabric.  The other missing fabric was there too, but only tiny bits.  This is a large foreground piece so bits just won’t do !  I thought I would have to dye that piece, or paint it anyway. At least I have a bit to color match. I found a piece of rust dyed fabric that had walnut over it. I’m hoping I can scrunch it up to preserve some of those tones and then do some low water emersion dyeing to come close to the shade I need. here are the bits and the large piece I’m going to try to match. Wish me luck!


Cracking Open the Stash

I thought I might have some of the fabrics left over from White River Hope. If I didn’t my job recreating this for the commission was going to be difficult. I knew I mean might need to get creative.

Since I don’t use a lot of commercial fabrics any longer in my work the stash has been out of sight and mind. Along the wall, under one side of my Koala cutting table are 4 Closet Maid drawers that are home to the riot of small pieces saved over the years. At first I tried bending over to see, then contortions equal to standing on my head, all to thumb through the bits looking for pieces of the needed fabrics.

Eureka! I found all but 2 fabrics. One only has a small piece so it will be easy to replace. The other one plays a bigger role and I may have to get creative. But all in all, cracking open the stash paid off. And to think I was ready to donate it!

White River Hope MISSING!

White River Hope Sold!

White River Hope was sold in 2012 to Einstein Health Network for their permanent collection. They produced an audio tour of their collection that includes this work.

It has gone missing!

They have commissioned a replication. Thankfully I have good photos documenting the piece to work from. This was free cut with no patterns. I’m sure I have some of these fabrics in my stash. In the trees is a gorgeous stitch resist African fabric that I keep for use in special pieces.  Now to get to work.


We will now take a brief intermission.

It is time for some regrouping and redesigning of my blog, Etsy shop and the direction my art will be going.  I think if you forge ahead without an intermission, summer vacation or long weekend to breathe and recenter your life all kinds of things may happen that knock you off your path.

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We will be returning without any words from sponsors!