The Missing Fabric for Take 2 White River Hope

I found another bin of fabric this morning and inside was the elusive green fabric I was missing. On my design wall,( been there forever) covered by other WIPs, was enough of another important fabric.  The other missing fabric was there too, but only tiny bits.  This is a large foreground piece so bits just won’t do !  I thought I would have to dye that piece, or paint it anyway. At least I have a bit to color match. I found a piece of rust dyed fabric that had walnut over it. I’m hoping I can scrunch it up to preserve some of those tones and then do some low water emersion dyeing to come close to the shade I need. here are the bits and the large piece I’m going to try to match. Wish me luck!


Cracking Open the Stash

I thought I might have some of the fabrics left over from White River Hope. If I didn’t my job recreating this for the commission was going to be difficult. I knew I mean might need to get creative.

Since I don’t use a lot of commercial fabrics any longer in my work the stash has been out of sight and mind. Along the wall, under one side of my Koala cutting table are 4 Closet Maid drawers that are home to the riot of small pieces saved over the years. At first I tried bending over to see, then contortions equal to standing on my head, all to thumb through the bits looking for pieces of the needed fabrics.

Eureka! I found all but 2 fabrics. One only has a small piece so it will be easy to replace. The other one plays a bigger role and I may have to get creative. But all in all, cracking open the stash paid off. And to think I was ready to donate it!

White River Hope MISSING!

White River Hope Sold!

White River Hope was sold in 2012 to Einstein Health Network for their permanent collection. They produced an audio tour of their collection that includes this work.

It has gone missing!

They have commissioned a replication. Thankfully I have good photos documenting the piece to work from. This was free cut with no patterns. I’m sure I have some of these fabrics in my stash. In the trees is a gorgeous stitch resist African fabric that I keep for use in special pieces.  Now to get to work.


We will now take a brief intermission.

It is time for some regrouping and redesigning of my blog, Etsy shop and the direction my art will be going.  I think if you forge ahead without an intermission, summer vacation or long weekend to breathe and recenter your life all kinds of things may happen that knock you off your path.

Recently I put the small gallery at the top right of my blog. WOW! It is that tiny gallery of thumbnails that gets the most clicks and views in my stats. If you have read this far, should you see something you want more information on, please send me an email at

Some art is in my under used Etsy shop,  HERE.

We will be returning without any words from sponsors!

My Spring Garden is a blooming quilt

My garden style is loose and layered, front to back and tall to short. Colors play against one another, like pieced quilts. I plant for a variety of shapes and colors of leaves  mixed together. My iris are blooming among the autumn sedum, nestled around the boxwood. If you look closely you can see the toad houses with their shell walk ways under the Mahonia holly. The leaves of this holly turn red after the early yellow clusters of flowers are spent. Soon the blue holly berries will form.

The woad is blooming yellow and  plays against the variegation of the barberry bush. The hostas peek out from under the azalea shaded by the dogwood. The peonie is ready to unfurl its blood red pom poms about the same time as the miniature climbing rose bush beside it. But those pictures are for another day. Linking up with

Iris mix and sedum Mahonia holly Toad houses Woad and barberry bush Under the Dogwood

Can we Talk?

There are a few things happening lately that inspired my point of view for this  conversation. On some of the online forums I belong to there has been lament after lament from teachers who are having classes cancelled due to low enrollment. I don’t usually teach so I don’t have a dog in the hunt and I rarely take quilting type classes or workshops.  But I am an artist and I can add my take on this since I would only be interested in a workshop that would help me grow artistically, not stitch up a tote bag.

Many reasons given are over saturation, unskilled teachers, shops and guilds unwilling to pay the going rate,  the economy, the modern quilt movement,  online class availability although some say those are suffering too.  And maybe thrown in is the possibility that students are just plain tired of  making  tote bags and placemats.

The last thing that happened that made my fingers itch to write this down  was clearing out older books and magazines for the thrift shop. I can tell you I have been hard pressed to part with some of the best. Right up there at the top are the 9 year old Quilting Arts magazines when Pokey was still at the helm. Those magazine articles really pushed the envelope and defined art quilting….or the art of quilting to  be seen as fine art. There was no concentration on thinking that every Jane and Mary Sue could follow the bouncing ball and create true art.  They weren’t How-To project magazines.  They were process, inspiration and technique magazines.The best of the best in the industry wrote articles, defined terminology and made you want to see more. A tiny portion of the readers turned into some of the best themselves because of their hunger to understand this way of turning needle arts  into an art form.

And then I think many of the top name teachers sort of got the Quilting Queen Bee syndrome and stopped growing and making not only their classes but their work exciting and inspirational. Who wants to take a workshop from someone who is so full of their own self importance that they don’t notice their students? After all, aren’t the students the bottom line most important part of the equation? Successful students equate to successful teachers, hands down.

Successful artists take workshops and never stop learning and exploring their chosen field. Crafters simply move along to the next big thing  that they can find the supplies at the local craft store to make.


On the Beach

We spent 2 cold, damp months on the gulf coast in Alabama.  We had about 4 days warm enough to even sit outside and spend time on the beach. One of those days was Valentines Day that was full of warm sunshine and kisses.  Jimmy Buffet…yes, that one…has a sister named Lucy. She has a fun restaurant complex called LuLu’s  on the river with a private beach. Each Valentines Day there is a vow renewal complete with cake and champagne. What better way to spend the day with my sweetie? There are photos on the website of some of the 320 couples, if you go to the album marked Vow Renewal 2015…we’re on the 3rd page.

Kisses on the beach are the best!
Kisses on the beach are the best!

Charitable Donation Piece

 This is small, 9 x 11. Made for a request from our local hospital  for a silent auction donation at a fund raising function for the Mruk Center.

The inspiration for the piece was a photo by a local professional photographer, Kevin Pieper . I asked for permission  and it was graciously granted to use his image this way. Please don’t ever use someone else’s photography without getting written permission. Kevin is an artist and his images of the Ozarks are amazing.