Notes from the Artist

My work is instinctual and serendipitous always drawing on the natural world. It is complex and organic with layers of meaning to discover.  I embrace rusty objects, frayed edges, wrinkles and everything in the natural world. Found objects may be rescued to create an interesting print on fabric or paper.

I am honored to be juried into Arkansas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ 2015-2016 Artists Registry.

My work has been  exhibited in national, international and regional juried shows and museums. It can be seen in many publications and periodicals as well as in private collections around the globe.



6 thoughts on “Notes from the Artist

  1. I love your first paragraph and the philosophy it expresses. It has given me food for thought, as I aspire to a similar stance in the rest of my life but recognise that I struggle more with that in the context of my quilting. You have made me resolve to do better in 2015.

  2. hello there, I saw your upcycled art quilt in the winter stampington magazine. I did read the instructions, but still have a question. is the paper and photo paper treated with anything for washing, or is this strictly art work? and not intended to be really washed and used? did you sew the paper into the quilt? I loved the colors, composition and the techniques you used. I enjoyed looking at it…thanks again…

  3. Thought of you today and remembered the “Distoriated” label you used for your blog, so I was able to find you. Inhope all is well with you. We are now living in Texas full time (as of this summer). We had been wintering here (Denton area) for 3 years, but the AR house sold this year. Stay in touch.

  4. Hello Janice: I love your work!! I’m in search of your Pat 7476 Urban Creep fabric. It is my favorite design to work with. I originally purchased a number of yards, but have used it all up. Do you have any for sale? Thanks – in advance. Barb Stewart

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