Cracking Open the Stash

I thought I might have some of the fabrics left over from White River Hope. If I didn’t my job recreating this for the commission was going to be difficult. I knew I mean might need to get creative.

Since I don’t use a lot of commercial fabrics any longer in my work the stash has been out of sight and mind. Along the wall, under one side of my Koala cutting table are 4 Closet Maid drawers that are home to the riot of small pieces saved over the years. At first I tried bending over to see, then contortions equal to standing on my head, all to thumb through the bits looking for pieces of the needed fabrics.

Eureka! I found all but 2 fabrics. One only has a small piece so it will be easy to replace. The other one plays a bigger role and I may have to get creative. But all in all, cracking open the stash paid off. And to think I was ready to donate it!

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