Sunshine Artist Trading Card

This month’s theme for my ATC, artist trading card, group is Sunshine. I can’t think of sunshine without thinking of shadows. And the one thing that says sunshine to me is a peanut butter kiss, they make sunshine in my mouth and make me smile.  So, because it was just Halloween I have been hoarding kisses and the papers they are wrapped in.  The papers became the base for the cards.

I covered the crinkled waxed paper with black ink and rubbed it off to highlight the crevices. Then I tore them unevenly to make the Ozark hills, used dyed dryer sheets and mulberry paper for the sunkissed sky, added dark tree trunks with the sunlight hitting them. You can see some of the view I see on drives in the fall.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Artist Trading Card

  1. I have been browsing your site and have really enjoyed looking at your work, which I find to be interesting and stimulating.

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