Snow Dyeing Fabric Results

Lots of pictures but few words. I used a few larger pieces of cottons and then when I saw all the dye in the bottom of the bins, I threw in scraps and bits to see what would happen. Love, love, love it. Lots of neutral shades in the catch-all pieces,  bright colors in the main intended fabrics and some interesting patterning on all of it. The photos washed out some of the color with the flash. We still have a lot of snow with more on the way. Oh, and I used Rit dye in dry and liquid form. Maybe next time I’ll use MX dyes if I have time to mix up soda ash to treat it first.

DSCN9928 DSCN9931 DSCN9932 DSCN9933 DSCN9937 DSCN9938 DSCN9939

4 thoughts on “Snow Dyeing Fabric Results

  1. Janice, I see that image of the ice under the snow…you really should dry ice dyeing with those little chunks of miracle. The colors blend differently than with snow, and often get very fractured patterns. I like how it works with the dry MX.

  2. I started out using RIT dyes, and liked it. But the last time I tried black I didn’t get black at all, or any black. I called RIT and they have changed the dye so it has to have heat. I also don’t get real black with MX dyes.

  3. I have used black RIT a few times. I use powdered in black because that’s what I have. A local salvage sort of store has it at a good price so maybe it is what you know as the old formula. All the RIT I have says hot water, but I can’t complain about these cold results. Black is hard to get with anything but natural dyes.

  4. oh how fun! I need to find out how to do this-dyeing in the snow-don’t know if we will be getting any more snow this year but with this winter-never know-lol

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