Oh NO, not again!

You know that rare heavy snow storm that kept those of us in north central Arkansas holed up for days because the highway dept. couldn’t seem to get roads open?  Well, it looks like we are going to get it again. The snow is coming down in sheets already. It isn’t a gently falling snow for a winter wonderland. It is coming in sideways and wet.

The prediction is for 2-4 inches accumulation but it wasn’t to start for another couple of hours. I hope the early start isn’t foreboding of more inches.

BUTTTTT…..just in case the snow builds up;  yesterday and this morning  I have been scouring cottons and making pearl cotton skeins for some more exciting snow dyeing. It isn’t exactly making lemonade from lemons, more like the joy of creamy vanilla ice cream from the snow. Hmmmm…I wonder what pure vanilla would do as a dye? I still have large bottles left over from Mexico…..

Ironed Snow Dye Fabric….WOW

Who knew that the simple act of ironing this fabric would make such a difference. Each piece was better than the last. I am showing a few photos of some of my favorites. I really like the way the colors crack and separate. As a side note, the middle 2 pieces were on a pale taupe fabric and the bottom one was a pale mauve. Like under painting a watercolor, the base color gives an overall glow to the fabric.DSCN9945


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Snow Dyeing Fabric Results

Lots of pictures but few words. I used a few larger pieces of cottons and then when I saw all the dye in the bottom of the bins, I threw in scraps and bits to see what would happen. Love, love, love it. Lots of neutral shades in the catch-all pieces,  bright colors in the main intended fabrics and some interesting patterning on all of it. The photos washed out some of the color with the flash. We still have a lot of snow with more on the way. Oh, and I used Rit dye in dry and liquid form. Maybe next time I’ll use MX dyes if I have time to mix up soda ash to treat it first.

DSCN9928 DSCN9931 DSCN9932 DSCN9933 DSCN9937 DSCN9938 DSCN9939