New Studio up and running

DSCN9577 DSCN9578 DSCN9579

I love it. Everything is within easy reach, the fur kids can come in without getting lost in the clutter.

The new to me Singer 431G is at counter height so I can sit on the stool or stand up to stitch. It may be easier on my arthritic hips and knees.

The Sunshine 16 mid-arm has a new adjustable stool seat with back support. The mid-century modern table was purchased at a thrift sale and is also adjustable height. The new goose neck lamps on either side of the machine are wonderful mid-century pieces I found at the Salvation Army. Ron mounted them on the back so I have perfect lighting.

My Koala cutting table and design walls are across from the mid-arm. I am using my portable design wall I made out of a projection screen for now. We are planning on using ceiling tiles covered with flannel, mounted to the bi-fold closet doors as the permanent wall.

Let me know how you like it!


4 thoughts on “New Studio up and running

  1. Looks very well organized and well lit. I’ll look forward to hearing how the standing up and sewing goes. I’m hoping to try it on my next quilt but figure there will be a learning curve.

  2. I guess you are talking about the white chair at the mid arm? Its great. Being able to adjust the seat height takes stress off the legs and back when you are sitting there for a long time. Sort of like adjusting the car seat on a long drive. Just a tiny adjustment makes a difference.

    The mid arm had a learning curve that I didn’t expect but you know me….hate to follow rules! I think it was a good investment. I haven’t been able to use it as much because of the state of my studio. Now it is in a good place and those extra lights really help. I don’t quilt for other people, but it is a good addition to my tools.

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