Home crafted Bobbin Winder

I needed a bobbin winder for my mid-arm since it didn’t come with one. I asked for recommendations and got mixed reviews on the Sidewinder and the Deluxe model. Then I was told to look at the long arm bobbin winders that ranged from $89 up to $129. I looked at them, ready to bite the bullet and buy one. But anyone who knows me, knows if I can figure out how to make it myself by using recycled items that I will make it.

This was one of those times.  It looked to me like it was simply a motor and foot control with that odd looking thingy for the bobbin to wind on. I have a vintage White machine I keep for parts…one of my 90 year old father’s cast offs.  I stripped off the motor and motor mount, along with the electrical set up. Then a search on Ebay for industrial machine bobbin winders came up with the thingy for a total of $15 with shipping. !!!!  A little measuring for placement and screwing it to the board and Ta-DAAA! It may not be pretty and I can add some paint later but it does the job wonderfully.

Placed next to the mid-arm I don’t even need to have a thread stand. If I want to use it somewhere else, I just put in the arm for the thread.  The best thing about this is that it is adjustable to fit any size bobbin so I can wind all my bobbins on it.

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  1. Actually, it doesn’t look much different than the winders I have seen with friend’s long arms….at least the ones which don’t have an autowind bobbin (it winds a new bobbin as they quilt).

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