A Quilting Revelation

A revelation of sorts as I finished a quilt for my 90 yr. old dad for a Christmas gift.  His feet get cold so I wanted to give him a little warmth and love…..I was mesmerized by the peace of pin basting my dad’s quilt…tv playing a happy movie and the time flew. Then I had forgotten the magic that happens when those three pieces of fiber get stitched together…it starts to look like a quilt and gets heavier as you go…then you can’t wait to get it done so you can see it in all its glory.  Doing something for the joy of doing it, knowing how much it will be appreciated, is something I’ve missed.

Southwest big block quilt

I quilted this on my sit-down Sunshine 16 and it went really fast. I used simple free form filler stitches rather than following a pattern.The finished size is 72 x 72 inches so big enough for him to wrap up in. Some  of the fabrics were purchased a few years ago at a little Navajo fabric shop when we were on a trip through the Southwest. The gecko and sun has embroidery accents. I will launder it and fluff it dry before dropping it in the mail today.

Gecko fused and embroidered Free Form stitching with the Sunshine 16

Once again I’m linking with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.

New Studio up and running

DSCN9577 DSCN9578 DSCN9579

I love it. Everything is within easy reach, the fur kids can come in without getting lost in the clutter.

The new to me Singer 431G is at counter height so I can sit on the stool or stand up to stitch. It may be easier on my arthritic hips and knees.

The Sunshine 16 mid-arm has a new adjustable stool seat with back support. The mid-century modern table was purchased at a thrift sale and is also adjustable height. The new goose neck lamps on either side of the machine are wonderful mid-century pieces I found at the Salvation Army. Ron mounted them on the back so I have perfect lighting.

My Koala cutting table and design walls are across from the mid-arm. I am using my portable design wall I made out of a projection screen for now. We are planning on using ceiling tiles covered with flannel, mounted to the bi-fold closet doors as the permanent wall.

Let me know how you like it!