My studio assistants hard at work


New Look!

Last month a storm ripped the awning off the studio. Thank goodness we hadn’t spent dollars on putting our name on it!  The good thing about it was the chance to choose our new awning so we could put our best face forward. After the awning was up, we were thankful for 2 days of warm weather so we could paint the window ledge and front door. Come spring time urns of flowers will complete our makeover. It was just in time. Ice is predicted for us this week!


Faux Floor

What! No, not a fake floor, a real floor made to look like the wonderful stone cliffs  here in Arkansas. A little gray jasper with a smattering of red clay. Ron rolled the base coat of transparent stain and I have been very slowly adding cracks and graining details. We want the first impression of the gallery/studio to be “oooooo”. Things like the floor matter to put our best face on.

image image

Not Really Move-in Ready

After the first blush of thinking the building was move-in ready we decided it isn’t. ***sigh*** But, it is much larger than our first estimate. Instead of 900 sq ft its more like 1500 sq ft.

The  floor needs a transparent stain applied, old blinds have to come down, ceiling fans are nasty dirty and we won’t even mention  the bathroom. We spent yesterday waiting for the gas company to turn on service, swept up the bugs that went to bug heaven after Ron sprayed, cleaned up left over misc. trash and cleaned mirrors.

Today we install some low shelves, install new locks and start personalizing the space. We are leaving one side open for gallery space. Rather than move the cases, my dry workspace will be on that side so I can utilize the shelving for supplies. The backroom will be the wet studio.

image image