Found it!

On to the second closet in the office. A box not opened after our move nearly 3 years ago held some of my quilt show ribbons. Guess I should move them to the studio so they can be hung for display. It will be another day until the closet is organized, then into the studio for more sorting and organizing. You’ll are welcome to come help!

New Look!

Last month a storm ripped the awning off the studio. Thank goodness we hadn’t spent dollars on putting our name on it!  The good thing about it was the chance to choose our new awning so we could put our best face forward. After the awning was up, we were thankful for 2 days of warm weather so we could paint the window ledge and front door. Come spring time urns of flowers will complete our makeover. It was just in time. Ice is predicted for us this week!


Faux Floor

What! No, not a fake floor, a real floor made to look like the wonderful stone cliffs  here in Arkansas. A little gray jasper with a smattering of red clay. Ron rolled the base coat of transparent stain and I have been very slowly adding cracks and graining details. We want the first impression of the gallery/studio to be “oooooo”. Things like the floor matter to put our best face on.

image image

Not Really Move-in Ready

After the first blush of thinking the building was move-in ready we decided it isn’t. ***sigh*** But, it is much larger than our first estimate. Instead of 900 sq ft its more like 1500 sq ft.

The  floor needs a transparent stain applied, old blinds have to come down, ceiling fans are nasty dirty and we won’t even mention  the bathroom. We spent yesterday waiting for the gas company to turn on service, swept up the bugs that went to bug heaven after Ron sprayed, cleaned up left over misc. trash and cleaned mirrors.

Today we install some low shelves, install new locks and start personalizing the space. We are leaving one side open for gallery space. Rather than move the cases, my dry workspace will be on that side so I can utilize the shelving for supplies. The backroom will be the wet studio.

image image

What a Cool Building!

I am in love with Arkansas stone buildings. Conservationists and restorers are doing a good job on the Private homes. The ones restored are just wonderful. Most of the buildings on the Mountain Home square are native stone too. Here is one of the buildings on the square.

image See my cute little green 4×4 Tracker in front? Why you might ask is my car in the picture of a building? Why, Ron and I leased this cool building for a gallery and studio work space!

This is exciting and exhausting. More to come later. We have lots to do to get this ready for move in.


Studio Additions Making My Life Easier

Taking time to clean and toss/giveaway in the studio that will make my life easier. While in Alabama last winter a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore yielded commercial dishwasher cup trays for $1 each. They made perfect units for my large cones of thread.

image My next addition is purely for my comfort. Sold for home manicure and hand treatments, it is wonderful for my arthritic hands after stitching. The heat is adjustable. I slip my hands in the pockets , relax and enjoy a little quiet time.



Its time to finish a few pieces to jury and the commission for White River Hope is coming along nicely.

The Art Odyssey Tour 2014 is Ended

I am so exhausted. 3 very long days that would have never been possible without Ron as my extension. This is my first year for the art studio tour and I had no idea what to expect. We had 100 people sign the guest registry and estimate a minimum of 50 who did not sign it.  I am so grateful to everyone who came to find out what fiber art is all about. At most, there were 5-6 people who weren’t interested in talking about the work and how it is done. That’s a very low number compared to an art show/sale where the majority of the attendees are having an enjoyable day out as they stroll through the art.

Neighbors came, friends we had lost touch with and a surprise visit from a family we knew from wintering in the Rio Grande Valley who moved to the beautiful Ozarks in December.

The living room was turned into a mini boutique style gallery with samples of my work. The fireplace displayed publications I’ve been a part of and exhibition catalogs [ I called it the I Love Me display] and natural printed scarves were in the dye room. Then I took them into my sewing and storage area to see how I design on the design wall and showed samples of  hand dyed fabrics.

I was so thrilled to be able to share what I do with so many people. I hope they were richer for discovering an art form that most of them didn’t know existed.

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