Calypso ATCs in the works

This month’s color prompt for Arts in the Cards is Calypso.  I love when a color  like this comes up and makes us scratch our artistic brain for something to represent it.  It just happens that Benjamin Moore  has a calypso blue in their paint chips. 

AND it was a surprise to me that I had hand dyed cheese cloth and hand dyed cotton thread in just that color. 

After stitching the cheesecloth and scraps of ikat fabric I showed you last time onto some burnt sienna fabric, I machine quilted it in a wave pattern. Then I cut it apart into artist trading card sizes.  I’ll use stitches from my favorite book to embellish these. I have some additional hand dyed cotton thread in greens and some wooden beads that may find their way onto these too.

This is the left overs from the cards. Who knows where this might end up?  Check out all the other quilters on Off The Wall Friday . I would love to hear from you. If you would like to join our group of trading card artists, let me know! We have room for 2 more artists.

2 thoughts on “Calypso ATCs in the works

  1. that whole dyeing cheesecloth thing is really interesting – I gotta dye some up this summer. What is involved in the trading cards – is it more than one a month?

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