Stash bargains at the Thrift Shop It was a good day!

I haven’t been to this thrift shop for a while. The last time I went I purchased denim yardage for 50 cents a yard for making denim rugs.  We were in town today so I thought I would stop and have a look. I guess someone was cleaning out their stash. The top photo is all the yellows I picked up for 25 cents on the red tags or 10 cents on the orange tags. The pieces on the left are a yard and the others are fat quarters or more.   The next photo shows the ‘other’ colors but again 25 cents or 10 cents. Some are colors and prints I wouldn’t use in art quilts but I plan on doing some modern lap or baby quilts to practice more on my Sunshine 16 mid arm. 

To the right is my ‘big’ purchase. The red is a crinkled ikat that measures 3 yards for $1 and the white is waffle cotton tubing that also is 3 yards for $1. This looks like a summer skirt and 3 white tank tops  for me!  Total spent today was $5.20.

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