Detail of final UFO finish

Detail shot of Frog Water Shallows.  Remember, you can right click this to open in a new window or tab for a larger view.  I thought you might like to see a detail of the piece. You can see the rust shading on the lily and I’m happy I chose some of my rust dyed fabric to use for this. The orange rust is a nice complement to all the blues. 

I have entered the piece to jury for SAQA’s Color Wheel of Emotion. The emotion it evokes in me is calm and peacefulness.  Now we will keep our fingers crossed the juror find it fits the show. If it doesn’t I have a few more in mind to jury for.

2 thoughts on “Detail of final UFO finish

  1. note to self – next time I ask Janice about what glue turned into stone on her UFO – make sure she doesn't post the answer on the artquilt list where her thread can deteriorate into an annoying political/religious debate! (at least that list is consistent) Grin – toooo funny!

  2. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing! I only mentioned where I got it so you wouldn't think it was something sitting around for ever. I resisted the urge to jump in to the conversation to tell them that the closest store to me is in Springfield, MO. It was on the news a few weeks ago that the women who work there make a starting wage of $13 an hour, nearly double the state minimum wage. I think that is way more important for moms to make a living wage to buy food and pay rent. Not everyone wants or needs birth control in all its forms but they need to eat and provide a roof over their head!

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