Oh Goody! Win Win!

Is there something in the past that you really really liked but for whatever reason you didn’t buy it? Not buying this iron cage when we saw it in an eclectic shop in Old Town Spring, TX about 4 years ago was one of my regrets. At the time it was not in the budget.

As luck would have it, recently someone locally was selling one . I quickly responded that I wanted it. You see, I have boxes of tiny artist trading cards from the online group I ran for 6 years. This is a perfect display piece for a few of my own creations that are some of my favorites.

When going through my boxes I discovered some duplicates so they may be destined for sale. I found a  few of my favorites that may be recreated in larger art quilts, too.  Win Win!

See the oversized trading card? That one is from my ever non-conformist friend Jean Sredl.


A Tiny Little Art Start

Just a Note ATC_jpainedawes

A tiny start with some tiny art while I’m on intermission.  Our Arts in the Cards theme for June was music/rhythm.

My mother sang on  WDZ radio in Illinois as a young woman. I have stacks of her sheet music with much of it having damage. I used some for the background on these cards.  With Inktense pencils I illustrated the way I see a single melodious note.

Let your Freak Flag Fly!

April’s Arts in the Cards inspiration is Fly Away.  With spring here, the garden centers are all flying those brightly colored plastic pennants that dance in the wind to draw attention to their new planting stock. Those, and bright clear spring colors were my inspiration for this month’s trading cards.

J Paine Dawes  artist trading cards

Channeling Autumn

Eco Dyed silk background, embroidered leaf print, black acrylic worm holes.

Channeling autumn splendor a little early, but it is one of my favorite times of the year. This month’s theme for Arts in the Cards was leaves. I was going to do paper abstracts using leaves from antique books I keep for mixed media. But  since our bathroom remodel meant everything was stuffed in the studio, I haven’t been able to find a thing since the bath was reassembled!  I went through every box and drawer that could possibly have the books and they were no place to be found.

So, like I often do, I switched gears  and created a new design for my cards. They will be mailed to the traders encased in an onion skin paper envelope that was made from paper that had been sandwiched between pieces of silk being eco printed.

Leaving on a jet plane…

Well not really. The theme for my Arts in The Cards group this month was City Scapes. I could not get inspired beyond anything but the predictable buildings against the skyline. I started with that and they sat on my wet table, eventually that attempt was used on the back of the finished card. I couldn’t let anything go to waste, lol.

About the only thing I like about flying is the view of the city at take off and landing. The trail of headlights and tail lights is fascinating in the patterns they make from thousands of feet in the air.So that is the inspiration for my cards. When seen all together you can see the city with the darker buildings and grayer parking lots. Definitely more me!

may city scapes full                           may city scapes closeup

Radiant Orchid Artist Trading Cards

TEXT-ure was a really good prompt for me. I had to  go outside the norm of what you would expect from a text prompt. Black and white text or varying the size of text, spelling out words, etc just wasn’t doing it for me. I needed to create texture with text.

Inspired by Cynthia St. Charles’ blog with her daily postcards, I decided to go through a stack of magazines to see what would float my boat.  I found advertisements with white text and brilliant colors that I liked.

I tore through the text so it wasn’t  readable and arranged it on a card to create movement. Good, but not great as far as creating texture. So I got out my sample paints from the paint store of the Pantone color of the year Radiant Orchid. By painting over the collage, the torn edges absorbed the paint. Now we’re cooking! I really liked the texture created.

Then I accented some of the text and edges with white. and painted over a few of the white letters to bring them forward. Here you can see 4 of the cards, they are all different but still a series of original little art works.

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Calypso ATCs in the works

This month’s color prompt for Arts in the Cards is Calypso.  I love when a color  like this comes up and makes us scratch our artistic brain for something to represent it.  It just happens that Benjamin Moore  has a calypso blue in their paint chips. 

AND it was a surprise to me that I had hand dyed cheese cloth and hand dyed cotton thread in just that color. 

After stitching the cheesecloth and scraps of ikat fabric I showed you last time onto some burnt sienna fabric, I machine quilted it in a wave pattern. Then I cut it apart into artist trading card sizes.  I’ll use stitches from my favorite book to embellish these. I have some additional hand dyed cotton thread in greens and some wooden beads that may find their way onto these too.

This is the left overs from the cards. Who knows where this might end up?  Check out all the other quilters on Off The Wall Friday . I would love to hear from you. If you would like to join our group of trading card artists, let me know! We have room for 2 more artists.