My dad’s sewing machine

I had previously given my dad [who will be 90 yrs old this fall] my old Viking machine since it is lightweight for him to pick up. He used to make his own boat covers and upholstery so he knows how to sew. Now he just hems pants and sews up ripped seams. Well, there were too many settings and he would get the Viking hopelessly messed up. So in his basement I found my mom’s old Necchi Mira machine that he always used. I had to clean 40 yrs of gunk and oil off it and repair the bobbin winder but it works like a champ. (I had planned on bringing it home to mount in my treadle base. The machine is a depression green color and my treadle cabinet base is painted depression green..and my weaving loom is a Mira so I thought that darn Necchi was just screaming to come live at my house with all those coincidences.) Ron and I moved the Necchi Mira into my mom’s old room so it is easy for him to get to.  I must say that since my mom passed away 3 years ago, that room has looked way too well kept and the addition of the machine and cabinet in there looks very much at home and puts a little life in the house. I think if my mom is looking down on him she approves.

Some day the Mira will come to live with me and that day may come sooner than  I would like. Oh, I tried to convince him that he needs to make a quilt but he didn’t take the bait!