Problem UFO

This was a real pot stirrer.  Half the people who responded, most privately, thought I should toss this in the trash and move on. A couple suggested I should start over from scratch and redo the piece. Then there were the people who thought I should work through the construction issues and save this at all costs. 

I can’t start over without totally changing everything. I love the choice of fabrics I used and there are no more in my stash. It would also be too much like working from a pattern and it would loose the spontaneity this one has.

Tossing it in the trash isn’t a viable option right now. Once before I had a piece that was real crap. I took that piece and kept working on it. The results were enough of a WOW that it was chosen to be included in a book with 26 international artists. If I had tossed it who knows if another piece would have made it in the book.

I had a lot of positive comments in my SAQA critique group and not one thought it should be thrown away.  I had suggestions for removing the fused pieces and how to disguise the holes.

Did I learn something from this piece? Absolutely…the biggest lesson is that no matter what the bottle of liquid basting, school glue bottle or stick, or any other stick-um says….Don’t leave it set for 3 years before working on it and you may not be able to stitch through it when it dries. The fusible?  I went through my drawer and tossed every bit of it out. Now I will have to order some if I decide to ever use it again.

I will post photos when I get this done. Thank you everyone who took the time to give me your views.