Kiwi ATCs March 2013

Kiwi seemed to be a hard one for everyone. When we chose the colors this year I immediately saw green for kiwi and that was appropriate for March and St. Patrick’s Day.  But like the color cucumber last year it was hard to not see fruit. With this one you could also see feathers like the bird kiwi. 

I chose colors from the kiwi fruit and included black for the tiny seeds. I decided to do this in paper rather than fabric. I like the results and can see this as a larger fabric piece using surface designed fabric. Try a right click and open the photo in a new tab for a close up view.

I started with heavy pastel paper and paints for the background. The light green is an interference that goes from green to yellow that was applied with a palette knife. The little gold ovals and brown areas were printed with a plastic piece I found in the medicine cabinet that I had no idea what it was to. I took the left over sections of the background after cutting out the cards and painted them over with a gold acrylic ink that was semi-transparent. The original plan was to use my woodburner on the edges but it was pretty stinky so I took the little pieces outside and burned them over a candle.  They have an artifact look that I liked. I added details with black acrylic ink.

The cards have some free form embroidery along 2 edges that doesn’t show up well in the photos. My camera wasn’t cooperating today partly because I mistakenly got the gloss Modge Podge instead of the matte finish.