Help me solve a problem with this UFO

 I started this a few years ago in a challenge, photographed it to show unfinished and promptly folded it up into a UFO pile.  I took it to a SAQA state meeting a few months ago and decided by the positive reaction I got that maybe it was time to complete it. The title is “Frog Water Shallows” and it is apx. 24 x40.

Now here are the problems; I used glue stick on the lily pads that has now solidified and I must have used the wrong roll of fusible from my stash since I cannot stitch through it. You can see the holes that don’t heal next to the frog. I pinned tulle over the whole thing and tried again to quilt it. Nope, no, nyet.

I took the whole thing into the bath and soaked it to hopefully get rid of the glue stick. Its drying now. I will try again to quilt through the lily pads. I’m thinking of trying to heat the pieces with the wrong fusible and peel it off. If I do that, I will need to do something different since they will still leave marks.  I know I can paint these images and applique them on the right way.

My question:  [ Right click to open in new window/tab for close ups]

Suggestions for replacing the fused pieces.
Any design comments.
Should I just toss this and call it a learning experience

4 thoughts on “Help me solve a problem with this UFO

  1. You should be able to remove them after heating..I would just replace them using a fusible you like (Mistyfuse is my fav). You might want to use a small metal spatula, like a palette knife, to help peel them off after re-heating. I have a micro-spatula for work like that.I think I would also play up the neat plant forms on the lower left, even if you didn't ask me. Odd that even your machine can't stitch through it! What a bummer.

  2. Thanks Lisa, yeah a real bummer that my mid arm won't go through this stuff. I think it is a lesson learned about leaving UFOs to petrify in a corner. Who knew that washable school glue stick would get hard like this, too.

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