Thoughts for 2013 on Pinterest & Lifting Images from Blogs without Permission

I just finished putting away the Christmas tree and clearing off the mantel. A new love for us is making some terrariums. An assortment of them in different sizes will live on the mantel.  I’m so happy to see these coming back into favor. There isn’t anything quite like green plants to cheer up a bad mood and make a room feel welcoming and inviting.  We purchased some mosses before we went for a walk in the state park where I found a few on the ground and growing on fallen limbs. They greened up nicely overnight in a closed clear jar.

We just returned to Arkansas from Illinois where we were visiting my dad. I can usually catch someone’s open internet while we are there and this visit was no exception. My dad had a question about a couple of things so I was looking up answers for him. From there I took a few minutes to search my name and my blog’s name to see what is new.

I expected to find some stolen images which is something we all experience if we have a blog. I was fortunate that most of them were clickable back to the blog, but then there may be others out there I don’t know how to find.  I was unhappy about finding an unfinished piece on Pinterest. I really wish people would ask before doing this. I have a small copyright notice on the blog but obviously it is ignored. It was even more upsetting to know that other quilt artists were doing this.  Maybe I’m different, but I don’t find it flattering when you don’t ask permission. 

There are some exhibits and shows that don’t allow your work to be shown any place but your OWN blog. It is disqualified if it is all over the net. So, this unfinished piece that I had planned on entering into some shows won’t be able to be entered because someone saw fit to steal my image without asking permission.

I don’t know how this is going to affect what I post here. For sure there won’t be anything but partial shots of anything. The only pieces that will have full images will be ones that either are for sale or have already been sold. At least until I know how to enter code that stops copying, that will be the rule I have to follow.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts for 2013 on Pinterest & Lifting Images from Blogs without Permission

  1. Interesting…I have a friend who enters into many AQS shows and I mentioned that I had 'googled' her name and found all of her quilts she had entered on other blogs! She was shocked. I've always waited until she gives me the "OK" to post a pic (usually after she has won something!). I always try to make sure I've rec'd "OK" from folks to post their work…even with our small fiber group. Personally, I'd backtrack and let the person or persons know..or just refer them to this post!

  2. start watermarking dear–it doesn't prevent it–and nothing will ever, because there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. google search your images with your name + pinterest for example–and drag the photo into the search box–it will show you where it is ending upno one or rarely anyone pays attention to "no pin" policies…and everytime you find one, well then file a DMCA–we shouldn't have to do this, but them's the breaks….

  3. They know we won't file anything so we are forced to do what we can on our end to stop them. BTW, thanks for the tip on the search. That was something I didn't know.

  4. I agree with you. It irritates me to no end that people post photos from my blog without permission. A fellow quilter couldn't understand why it upsets me. She said, "Isn't that why you blog, to get more people to look at your work?" Well, not quite, but I couldn't get her to understand my feelings of violation.

  5. Unfinished work isn't the same as a completed piece of art and I don't think posting of work in progress would disqualify you from Quilt National. But to play it safe, don't post work that you intend to enter in QN on your blog.

  6. thanks everyone. As I said, I will be making some changes. Anything free to use is really not free. As much as I hate having to take the time away from the pieces in progress to research info on a new website, it will be time well spent. What a way to start the new year.

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