More on Copyright

I’ve been gone for awhile. I wasn’t sure if I would continue this blog because there are a lot of changes I need to make. It may survive in some form at Gloria’s urging. 

Some of you know that I was pretty well blasted on the Quiltart list over my views on copyright and Pinterest. I’m actually surprised that my email box survived the barn burners that were sent. I’m just amazed that so called professionals can be so blatantly argumentative in a public forum and just because they can….they send private emails with even more nastiness and accusations. Few conversations survive name calling and the kind of private barn burner emails I was receiving.

Not one to take things laying down when this happens, [ which I guess is from being the baby of 5 kids] I wrote to Interweave Press after I was told I was violating copyright by putting images of books and magazines on my blog without written permission.They are there for only one reason: I have work published in them and I was promoting them, with a link back to the magazines.

I received a reply from Interweave’s legal department that included a booklet on copyright for crafters, bloggers and reviewers. Guess what?   I was right all along.