Sunshine 16 and Art Quilt from UFO & Play Date

 This silk abstract started life as a Fast Friday Fabric challenge and has been sitting for a few years. It was monochromatic and I feel a need for color most of the time. The lutradur-style fabric Liz and I painted seemed like a good addition to take this piece further. I added it at the bottom and top and moved on to adding color on the body of the silk piece to make it cohesive.  {No, this isn’t the entire quilt and after it is quilted I will decide what direction it needs to go to next.}

On to quilting with my new Sunshine 16. This seemed a good practice since it is so organic I’m not going to worry about a skipped stitch or two. In the bottom photo you can see my Quackers that came with the machine. They have foam [think pool noodle] on the bottoms to grip the quilt. They work like a charm!  I’m linking up with Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.


5 thoughts on “Sunshine 16 and Art Quilt from UFO & Play Date

  1. Love the silk and painted lutrador. Both are things I want to work with in 2013. Come see me on Off the Wall. Merry Christmas!

  2. This piece has so much potential. I'm glad you went back to it. I'm also glad you're happy with your machine. Quackers, eh? Hmmm…gives one some thought in maybe dealing with my hand issues.

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