Play Date with Liz

My friend Liz came down last week for a play date. It was my turn to go up to her house in Missouri but she just put her home on the market and things like dye and paint don’t bode well if they want to do a showing.  

I recently purchased a gel foam mattress pad and wrapped around in was this lutradur looking stuff that was larger than a queen size flat sheet. I laundered it because I didn’t want any chemicals from the mattress pad to affect how I used it. No way it was going to be thrown away.

We put drop cloths down, cut some large pieces off, got out the paints and away we went.  I love the way some of the texture comes through the paint.

I have already found a use for some of it. I’ve been working on an abstract piece for entry into Sacred Threads. I won’t show more just yet, but I’m really thankful I saved this stuff.

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