Berroco Quelinda Crochet Scarf

I was reading Kathy Loomis’s blog post about yarns and her disappointment with a well known brand that she has used for years. The disappointment was the change in texture.  I think there are a lot of products that have changed and  we accept it as inevitable.  Last night I took the last stitch in a wool scarf I crocheted for myself. I used a vintage Stanley Berroco Quelinda. The first end was one skein white, then 2 skeins variegated, white, variegated then one skein white. when I got to the end…there was exactly the same length little tail left over that was on the starting end and each section was exactly the same without counting rows. What you see in the pix is the scarf exactly as it came off the skeins ( not blocked yet ) since I’m not good at counting rows while I watch Downtown Abbey on Hulu.  I don’t think there is any yarn made today other than handspuns that would be this exact. It is a sign of the times with imported goods and is a reason I use vintage fibers when I find something as lush as these. Another good thing with this yarn…I found it in a thrift shop for 50 cents a skein. I always check for any insects when buying wool so I don’t bring critters into my wool stash or oriental rugs but the older wools are mothproofed and just as good as when they first were sold.  Check out what others are doing this week Off The Wall Friday

2 thoughts on “Berroco Quelinda Crochet Scarf

  1. Hi, Janice. Stopped by from Nina Marie's blog to enjoy yours. Lovely scarf, and I especially liked your 2-piece (so far) series quilts. Have a great holiday season!best from Tunisia,nadia

  2. I use lots of vintage materials and notions and well…everything. I've never thought about looking for critters in it though so I'm glad to be educated. Your crocheted scarf is really beautiful.

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