Sunshine 16 Sit down Mid Arm Ready, Set….

 Finally. This is the first time I’ve plugged in my new Sunshine 16 that I purchased in Houston at Festival. It isn’t that I don’t have pieces to quilt…I do.  They are laying on the trundle bed in the background.  I didn’t feel there was a big  learning curve with this machine since I’ve been doing free motion quilting on a home machine for over 15 years. But…as much as I hated to take the time I thought I should do some more test driving. 

Taking a cue from David Taylor  who I watched using the Sweet 16 ( the Sunshine 16 competitor) on Utube and at Festival, I simply stacked a backing, batting and top together without basting…this is only for something small that won’t be scrunched around and I was anxious to get stitching.

You can see in the next photo it is really easy peasy. I can’t say that I had any tension issues . The learning curve is finding the speed that is right . 

 I had a couple of thread breaks at super high speeds but I didn’t really match my top and bobbin threads since this was practice.  I didn’t get any bird nests on the backside, so that’s good.  I found a speed that worked well for me, not too fast, not too slow but just right. I could practice more but I don’t think I want to take the time. 

Since the pieces I have to do involve a LOT of thread sketching and heavy quilting, I think I will just get to it. There are miles of thread to go before I’m done with them.

So far I have this machine sitting on top of my Koala cutting table.  There isn’t a frame with the one I bought but they have a frame it will fit onto if that floats your boat. With the portable table you can see in the photos it is just the right height for standing to quilt. I can sit on a stool if I need to take a break, too. I bought a new cushy rubber mat at the home store. Each of these little bubbles squishes when you step on it. It feels wonderful and is a great surface to stand on without fatigue.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine 16 Sit down Mid Arm Ready, Set….

  1. Janice, I'm not ready for a new machine now, but I AM really interested in that mat!! Where did you get it, and does it have a name I can look for? It might go on my letter to Santa…

  2. The mat was purchased at Lowe's. It is made by Blue Hawk Item #0190061. It measures 23.5 x 35.5 and is simply called Utility Mat on the label. The model #WG-LG-UTY-014.

  3. This is the most positive review I've seen so far. I looked at these at the Milwaukee show and even put a deposit down, but got that back after my scheduled delivery was delayed by months. Nice folks, but they worried me. I ended up going HQ Sweet 16. Mom was still thinking on this one, so I've been following the group and the needle size discussion. With the HQ you can use any size needle – they sell 12-20, and any size thread. I'm not sure why they can't make these for any size needle especially for the sit down. I asked if they could time mine to 14 and they said – well you won't be happy b/c it was only 14 to 16 and not to 18. I really want to use a lot of very fine threads – like 100wt silk thread. Maybe not everything, but love the way it blends in.

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