Gator Boy 2012 Arts in The Cards Lake Theme


I was in Houston most of this month without all my tools and supplies to work on these cards for Arts In The Cards. When we started home we went along the cost to Port Arthur and Lake Sabine to see a new area.  The beach was still pretty messed up and oil balls were still washing up with each wave.  Not a pretty beach but there is a lot of renewal going on. The area was good to see if you like oil rigs and refineries, not much else there.

I picked up shells and vegetation washed up at low tide as well as safety glasses probably from an oil rig…and this great alligator skull. Anyone who knows me would fully expect me to appropriate the skull for my flower garden.  I used the vegetation to stage some still life photos on the concrete at the RV resort.  Gator Boy with his glasses is a photo on his own.

I used 4 of the compositions in photoshop and varied the opacity of the layers as well as the color.  This was intended to be printed on cloth when I got home, with other cool things going on later. That wasn’t to be. My Epson bit the dust with my laptop, so I got one good phototransfer from my husband’s computer. As Mr. Murphy would have it, the transfer was not any good when I went to put it on cloth. Then the Epson bit the dust on his computer. So we got the extra printer and it bit the dust!!

Off to the store for a new printer but I forgot to buy transfer sheets. I did not want to make another trip into town and by this time I was thoroughly disgusted. I found a pack of window decal sheets so into the new printer one sheet went. I put this transparent print onto card stock that I Gator Boy printed on it.

The glossy finish made it impossible to do anything else to this card but finish the edge with stamping ink. Each card has a real vintage shisha mirror, not the plastic kind,  glued on to represent the sea glass I didn’t find but would have liked to.  These are very un-Janice cards but I hope you like them…they were an awful lot of trouble so I couldn’t sell them for less than $1000 each, lol.