Series piece#2 in progress

This is the second piece in my series. Elizabeth asked a ‘what if’ question of how the wall and vines would look at different times of day. Because of her question, I pulled back the covers on my fabric shelves and started looking. 

The background was a really ugly overdyed failure. Or so I thought. It was simply waiting for the right project to shine.  It made a perfect twilight background when the wall glows with the red light of the setting sun.  The ugly duckling is turning into a swan.

Of course there is a lot of work to do yet but I’m excited about both of these pieces. 

While I was in Houston at Festival I purchased a sit down 16 inch mid arm. I’ll be blogging about it in a couple of weeks. I know it is going to make short work out of quilting these pieces. Stay tuned! check out other great working artists at

7 thoughts on “Series piece#2 in progress

  1. I really like the background piece — it has a wonderful luminosity. It's amazing what our "dye dogs" can become. A lovely piece.

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