Another year passed by

I promise not to be maudlin but I wanted to say a few things. This has been one of my most trying years for a number of reasons. It has seemed that my life has been in a state of flux. Many days I didn’t know if I was standing upright or laying in a gutter beside the road of life.

I really believe in Karma and that we all eventually get what we are deserving of in this thing we call life on earth. I also believe that the bad things will assault us when we least expect them and try to derail us permanently from our path. I woke up smiling this morning with the knowledge that I have come through the assaults with only minor singeing on my coat tails. I know that I will always survive and that good Karma will find its way back into my life.

I am looking forward to a wonderful productive year to come full of happiness and laughter. I wish all of you the same for yourself in 2012.

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