Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas

 This is the little Charlie Brown tree in the family room. The Arts in the Cards flat Santa exchange pieces are displayed here. Santa hasn’t made it from Hawaii yet, must have gotten caught in the Santa Anna winds.

I purchased a baggie of hand made tin ornaments for 50 cents at a thrift shop that had these delightful tin ornaments that included the skeleton, the monkey and the frog. There were a couple of other more traditional pieces, but these are my favorites. I’m just always amazed at what other people toss aside but I’m always so grateful that I am given the chance to rescue them and enjoy them.

4 thoughts on “Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas

  1. Thanks Wanda…I didn't want to get all the 'real' decorations down this year so bought this poor little tree for $5 and spent $2 on a couple strands of lights and ornaments. I'm trying to decide if I feel like a Scrooge!

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