Studio organization

I was running out of wall space and had no place to hang a cork board. Since Ron had just painted the walls I figured he wouldn’t be happy if I started sticking pins in it or taping things to it.

The answer was this 6 ft. long piece of crown molding. He anchored it to the wall behind my sewing chair. That wall was wasted space since I couldn’t put shelving there and this is flat enough to not bump into  it. Next we nailed in picture hooks and using metal clips I can hang up paperwork of things I need to remember. I will have one hook for show prospectus that I’m thinking about, one for shows I want to enter, one for entries done, one for things that need shipped after acceptance is received and one for paperwork of quilts that have been shipped. This will stay up until my baby comes back home.  This is wide enough that I can still put post-its along the top.

I’m hopeful that this will keep things front and center rather than at the bottom of a  stack of papers out of mind.

5 thoughts on “Studio organization

  1. This is a great idea! I don't have much wall space either, but I have two windows–and maybe my paperwork could turn into a valence over the window!! Thanks, janice, for posting this!

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