SAQA Beyond Comfort

This is a closeup of Purification No.02 which is one of my Sati quilts.  I learned this morning that it was juried into SAQAs  Beyond Comfort exhibit.

The link will take you to the listing of international quilt artists who had worked juried in. The exhibit will premier at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK August 2011.  There are 30 quilts from 26 artists chosen by juror Marci Rae McDade.

Just wanted to share my good news!

4 thoughts on “SAQA Beyond Comfort

  1. Congrats. So happy for you. Tell me how this was Beyond Comfort for you. I am trying to understand the jurying based on the prospectus. The entry form really did not give an opportunity to elaborate.

  2. I don't know if I can really answer this Gerrie, I cannot find my copy of the prospectus but I'll try to remember generally what I wrote in my statement. I think they were wanting either work that was beyond comfort for us personally or work that would resonate as uncomfortable for the viewers. This is both for me. I used so many techniques that I don't normally use and certainly not combine in one piece. But I think it had more to do with my statement about what the piece signifies. The practice of Sati is outlawed but still is practiced in some remote areas. A widow is purified on her husbands funeral pyre, even if she goes to her death unwillingly and drugged. It is a piece all about injustice and female worth….and I could go on and on but I don't really know why this piece was chosen…but I'm thrilled that it was!

  3. Congrats on your quilt being accepted. The practice of Sati is definitely 'beyond comfort' as are a lot of other practices in the name of religion in remote places of the world. It makes me sad and angry that these are allowed to happen and helpless that we can't stop it.

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