Full Urban Textures Quilt @ Market

I wasn’t sure about showing the full view of the quilt I made for market, but saw a couple on FB so assume it is OK to post this now.

I wanted a simple design that would showcase my fabric design and be beginning quilter friendly. Most of the colors come from the diverse value and color shifts of each colorway. There is a solid black, cobalt and red added to the mix.  I love this fabric and hope it sells well at market.

painedawes_out of the concrete

Urban Textures Fabric collection

At long last, a journey that started nearly a year ago with a call for entry from SAQA has come to an end of sorts. An end that I hope will be a beginning for me.   Through the hard work of Luana Rubin at EQuilter.com and Andover Fabrics, SAQA’s fabric design line named Urban Textures is being pre-sold. It is a stunning collection from 6 SAQA member designers. My design is an edge to edge hombre in 3 colorways which I am showing you below. This began as a photograph of my birdbath so art really can be found all around you. I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hands on the real thing. So many ideas!

The page with the designers’ names has some errors in it but I’m confident that Luana and Andover will get it corrected quickly. The entire collection can be seen on Andover’s website by clicking HERE

****The fabric was originally printed with my name incorrect on the selvdge edge. I was SOOO disappointed. The funny part of it is Jane Paine is my mom. The name on the selvedge originally is Jane Paine-Dawes. They corrected additional runs with my name Janice Paine-Dawes on the selvedge edge.***

72dpi-A-7476-O 72dpi-A-7476-K 72dpi-A-7476-B

Beyond Comfort at Texas A & M Stark Galleries


I received this the other day announcing the opening of the SAQA exhibit, Beyond Comfort. I was thrilled to see that an image of my quilt in the exhibit was used on the card! The top right image on the card is my quilt in the exhibit.  This was unexpected but a welcome surprise. 

The exhibit runs through August 18, 2013 so if you are in the area, stop and have a look.

Premiere Location: Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, United Kingdom, August 11-14, 2011 Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 19 – September 16, 2012  Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, January 20 – March 10, 2013 Texas A&M University, J. Wayne Stark Galleries, College Station, Texas, May 23 – August 18, 2013

View the quilts and more exhibition information Quilts available for purchase
Buy the catalog

Juror: Marci McDade Curator: Eileen Doughty

SAQA Beyond Comfort Exhibit Venue

Eileen Doughty, curator, confirmed today that the SAQA exhibit Beyond Comfort will be traveling to Texas A&M   College Station, Texas and showing in the Stark Gallery  from May 23 – August 18, 2013 .  It is currently being shown at  Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio

Just to refresh you, one of my Sati quilts was chosen for this traveling exhibit by the juror, Marci Rae McDade, editor of Fiberarts magazine .  This exhibit challenges each artist to venture into uncharted territories of creative expression by turning away from the comfort zones of their established body of work. The catalog for this exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Teri Quinn.  

The show has had some impressive press articles written about it while traveling. 

Let’s talk about artistic voice

 All artists wonder if they have a voice and how to know if they have one.  There may be as many opinions about this as there are artists. There are many articles both off and online on how to discover your voice. Here are two of them: http://blog.talenthouse.com/2012/02/25/10-ways-to-find-your-artistic-voice/  and http://artbistro.monster.com/benefits/articles/12710-finding-your-own-artistic-voice

I have never been able to describe my voice, though an artist statement should be a little about voice. But then I don’t have an effective artist statement either!  I guess that’s something else I have to work on.  

 There is an exhibit coming up for our regional SAQA group. It’s a quicky that came up sort of last minute. We can send one or two pieces and they will be for sale at the venue.  I need to get back in the swing of things after my fallow period due to health so I don’t want to pass this opportunity by. 

I pulled out the under-the-bed gallery to decide what to send. As I placed them  on the white bedspread it struck me that maybe I have a voice after all. I certainly have a go-to color palette and everything is very organic

Here are two more pieces left over from the SAQA donation quilt. I love how they look in these big chunky frames.  I couldn’t have planned these pieces from scratch to look any better than these left overs do.

So what do you all think. Do I have a voice that is obvious when you look at these few pieces grouped together?

SAQA Regional Show 2012

For Sale   $200

I posted this small piece when I finished the quilting earlier this year. I have been mounting some pieces on painted canvas. Using acrylics in the colors in each art quilt, I splash and blend the canvas. Then when the quilted piece is mounted, it all comes together into a mixed media piece, or assemblage art.

I entered 3 mounted pieces in the SAQA regional show that will be in Little Rock in 2012. This piece was ‘released’ but the other two were accepted.  Honestly, I think this was the best of the three. But in the world of juried shows, there will be another one that this will be accepted to, unless it is sold first.

The size of this canvas is 9 x 12 inches. It comes with hanging hardware installed. Please let me know if you are interested in a purchase.

SAQA Auction Dream Collections

SAQA members were invited  curate dream collections from the art donated for the auction. I am  honored that my piece was selected by Linda Jean Strand, curator. The theme she chose was the colors of sunrises and/or sunsets. Pretty spectacular pieces. Great job Linda!  You can see the collection HERE

Arty Mail day

My mail today was all about art. I got my new SAQA journal and 3 fantastic atcs from this month’s trade over at Arts In The Cards. The link is at the top of this page. 

Now am I the luckiest girl on the block today or what?