Apron making

My son and daughter-in-law requested aprons for my granddaughter, Priyanka. She is beginning to help them in the kitchen so they thought she should be dressed for the occasion.

I looked at patterns and didn’t find one I liked that would cover up both her tops and bottoms. I used a vintage child’s art smock pattern and modified it so it could be slipped over her head. The original tied up the back. Since the back is one piece I had to cut the neck opening larger as well. To be certain it wouldn’t fall off her thin little shoulders, I added a tie at the back of the neck to snug it up if needed.

I will make her a couple more and I think the next one will have some elastic at the back rather than the ribbon.  Or I might just cut the neck square…I think that will work.It is reversible so the double thickness also gives a little extra protection to her clothing. Now that I have the pattern figured out, the next one won’t take that one.

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