Studio Make over FINALLY!!!

I have been working in a small room, shared with the clothes dryer and the deep freeze. I’ve tried to be good, tried to be organized and tried not to complain. Then Ron built my large sewing table that fits all my machines. It had to go into the adjoining bedroom because of it’s size. Now I’ve been half in one room and half in another….not a really good situation.

So we made the decision to turn the larger bedroom into a studio workspace. Now I have the fun of redoing the paint colors [there are neutral tile floors]. Here is a scan of the 4 colors I think I’m working with. I love the earthy ones and adore the water. I wish I could use them all but it’s still a small room. I’m leaning towards the water. My Koala table and shelving is white and I collect split white oak baskets that will be displayed. They might get lost on the earth colors.

I have a happy addition to my storage space. An acquaintance is moving to Colorado and had a moving sale this week. I purchased 6 long flat drawers from her that used to be Hallmark card drawers. These will be used to hold papers, acid free cellophane envelopes, stamps and other things that live best in flat drawers.

Wish me luck! Want to come over and help??

5 thoughts on “Studio Make over FINALLY!!!

  1. Hi Janice. I just happened on your blog. I love organizing and decorating so it caught my eye. The light aqua with some dark aqua trim would be nice and then add your terra cotta color as an accent to give it punch. With your white furniture that could be really pretty. Love your choices. That's just me 🙂 Connie

  2. Hi Janice,I can relate. My fabric stash is in with my washer/dryer. How wonderful to have a studio finally. The aqua colors will look great and you can aways use earthtones for highlights in places.Judy

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