No Picture Saturday and 100+ heat

Nope, not starting a new feature since I think we all like to see photos. There is none today since what I’ve been doing is not photographable..if that is a word. First off, I got out my discs and decided what I had to submit to the Lark books call for art quilts that use the natural world. I was skeptical at first that I had anything but I found 3 that seemed worthy and were definitely my style and palette. It took an awfully long time to get those 3 pieces entered, the online uploads were so slow. I’m blaming some of that on the heat that has hit across the USA. I know in my part of the country cable and phone lines have been suffering right along with the power companies and people. It’s been so bad here that the volunteer fire departments have  issued an emergency order that if a rancher/farmer calls that his livestock is heat distressed, they can go out with a pumper truck and cool off the herds.

The other thing I’m working on is trying to finish up a couple of pieces to jury for Quilt National. This was a huge goal I set for myself.  I often have felt I bit off too big of a bite but I didn’t make the decision early enough to have lots of time. STRESSSSSSS….Of course there can’t be even a small bit about what these look like or photos. All hush hush sweet Charlotte. After I get them entered, I will start thinking about the next one and give myself plenty of time to get pieces done.