Bug Juice or Juicy Bugs ATC

You may know that the ATC group I belong to has themed challenges for each of our swaps. this month’s theme was “Sew What Bugs You?”

We could interpret the theme how ever we wanted either literally for bugs or feature something or someone who bugs us. I had a few ideas along the way but nothing really jelled into a design.

I just got home from driving about 3000 miles to Illinois, Colorado, back to Illinois and home to Arkansas. Ron spent a good deal of time washing squished bugs and bug juice off the van front and windshield. He was sure bugged about that!  So while driving along among the corn fields I took a picture out of the windshield.

After printing it on tee shirt transfer paper and pressing it onto canvas, I tinted it to look like a vintage postcard. The bug parts and bug juice were applied. I cut cardboard corners like I remember from childhood vacations for mounting postcards into an album to complete the vintage look. I hope my fellow artists like these and I can’t wait to see what they all come up with.


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