New FFFC post

I’ve been gone for awhile with family needs. We had to do a trip from the Rio Grand Valley to Illinois for my mom and dad. I was reminded of why we don’t stay in Arkansas during the winter. We experienced bone chilling cold and watching the weather on a daily basis for driving conditions.

When we got back, it was time for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge I’ve missed the last few. I thought I probably deserved some play time to help with the stress level. All of us at a certain age who are experiencing very elderly parents probably understands what I’m saying.

If You’re interested, take a look at the FFFC blog. I hope the link works, I haven’t had much luck with that on this blog. The blog tells how this is constructed and the materials used. And of course the most important, what the challenge was.

The piece was fun to do, not really a departure for me but further exploration. My word for the year is Acceptance and I accept that this piece is what it is.