ATC Tutorial; Or how the lazy artist does it!

I joined the Upper Valley Art League here in the Rio Grande Valley. On Thursday’s there is an open painting day. I needed to work on ATCs for the trade group I belong to and the theme for the trade was “green” interpreted any way you chose. This is the 8 x 10 watercolor I worked on to start my ATCs. Nothing says green to me more than a green lettuce garden.

I didn’t add lots of detail to the painting since I wanted to emphasize it with stitching. I used a bright turquoise cotton thread and free motion quilted/stitched the design. The backside looks really cool!

The next thing I did was lightly mark the ATCs on the front side of the watercolor. I was able to get nine 2.5 x 3.5 ATCs from this piece. After marking them, I added some vines to each individual card. I used white acrylic, accented with both pink and gold metallic pens and a bit of black pigma pen for depth.

There was only a small amount of waste cut off. Here you can see the piece as I divided it into individual cards. The last steps were to satin stitch each card to fabric backs. The watercolor paper was heavy enough that I didn’t need to add additional layers in the center.

I love the way these turned out, very organic and a little abstract. I hope the group enjoys them, too!

18 thoughts on “ATC Tutorial; Or how the lazy artist does it!

  1. Beautiful! I've done something similar with fabric – made lots of 4×6" pieces from a large piece that simply looked like "wallpaper" to me. It had no focal point, was poor in all the design elements, but it had lovely colors. I added smaller elements to create good design in each piece and sold them all.Great work!

  2. Janice, this is how I do mine as well and it isn't lazy but rather great time management!I haven't tried using watercolor paper though-great tip.They turned out fantastic and can't wait to see what you do next:)

  3. Totally gorgeous. and I can't wait to get mine!! Did you sew on the painting, or did you scan it and print on fabric and then cut? (I hate destroying an original if I don't have to)

  4. thanks everyone for looking and commenting! those who didn't have a contact email for reply I want to say a big thanks! Liz Kettle…I would trade with you any day!It's the lazy way for me since I can't bear to work on anything itty bitty, too much like work. I loved the surprise of cutting apart the painting.

  5. Janice–they are beautiful. How cool to take a painting and cut it apart. That's not lazy–that's brilliant! I'd trade with you anytime!!! of course, I have to make some ATCs of my own….

  6. This is an accepted way of making ATC's and is often used as a challenge for swapping. I love what you did and lazy isn't an accurate description of your great art.EvieNew Zealand

  7. WOW I would say that I was pretty lucky to receive one! Now that I know that it is a shared part of a whole, it is even more meaningful. Sort of like an organ donation of sorts! So which did I get, the kidney, the liver, the cornea, the……. ? LOL

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