Where Did This Year Go?

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I wrote a post here. Bless you everyone who has checked in during that time. It was a year of very little creativity.

So where was I and what was going on? My 94 year old father had been checked into a nursing home in Illinois. I had always promised him that I would not allow that. So Ron and I moved rooms and furniture around to make room for Daddy. We became his care givers until he was called home to be with my mother a year ago November 1. He made it to his 95th birthday. I had a card shower for his birthday and the joy he had opening the cards as they came in the mail! Thank you to all who participated.

I was the executor of his estate. If you are ever called upon to do this, let me tell you it is a thankless job. Well, not all the time, one brother thanked me for being strong and standing ground to carry out Daddy’s wishes. It took a year to get his Social Security finished and I am finally free to be creative.

I do have work in a new book. OURstory is available for order on Amazon. This is the label from my piece in the book.


2 thoughts on “Where Did This Year Go?

  1. Glad to see you’re still out there. I was wondering about you not too long ago.

    I’ve been distracted as well by my mother with Alzheimers. She’s in a memory care unit now, but the last 4 years have been a steady decline. It truly does drain the creative spirit, even though I’m glad I’m around to help her out. Hopefully you’ll have a resurgence of your artisitic endeavors. Your work has always been very interesting. I love your esthetic.

    Gail Myrhorodsky

  2. Thank you Gail! Bless you for keeping your mom close by. Daddy was 2 states away so I wasn’t able to keep close tabs on him. We would visit every few months and made sure he had housekeeping and his needs taken care of. When I found out he had been put into a nursing home we moved him in with us. Being done with the estate is a huge weight off my shoulders.

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