Getting into show mode

When I get out of practice and have no need to keep on task I tend to vegetate. It doesn’t help that I am getting older and slower. It doesn’t help that the turmoil in our country keeps me in a near constant state of stress.

My self-cure for this is to find a reason to get back into the main stream of creating. I always enjoy in person art show sales venues. I think that feedback from clients at this type of show is valuable feedback. Finding that kind of show is not always easy now that I live in a rural state that has more crafty craft shows instead of fine craft shows.

I was accepted to show and sell at the Arkansas Craft Guild’s Christmas Showcase at the fairgrounds in Little Rock. Let me tell you, I am stressing about it. It is not an inexpensive show and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will at least make costs.

8 thoughts on “Getting into show mode

  1. I stopped watching any news on TV. I have a couple of online sources that I find reliable. I figure I’ve found the right source if I disagree with half of what they present. Anyway my life has been so much happier since I turned off the TV news. I determined it was there solely to create personal turmoil in me and that was unhealthy. I now feel more creative and more locally focused. Good luck with the show!

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