Harvesting Summer Gold


By the end of autumn, my marigolds were in over drive. Yellow ones, orange ones and red/orange ones.  A bucket over my arm and fingers ready to pinch there lovely heads off was all I needed. They dried all winter and with dyeing season coming into full swing, it was time to see what these would do, but first the petals had to be separated from the sepal and the receptacle. But never fear, nothing is going to waste.

The sepals when soaked overnight in a pot yielded a soft yellow after a little alum was added. I was surprised! I might have been able to leave them all attached but would not want to dilute the strength of the final marigold dye bath.

Next up, results!

2 thoughts on “Harvesting Summer Gold

  1. Ok, now I can hardly wait to see the results, soft yellow, … mmmm
    I used to plant marigolds all the time to keep bugs off my yellow beans. I never thought about using them for dye. Bet they would be great for flower pounding too.

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