Seashore Inspired Artist Trading Card


A line in the sand singleArts in the Cards group inspiration theme for December was Seashore. My cards are titled “A Line in the Sand”. I’m always fascinated when I get a chance to walk a beach at the seashore or the fresh water lake shores. There is always a line in the sand that catches all the detritus washed ashore. In the case of our water supply it isn’t always a pretty sight. The water may be murky and anything but crystal clear blue.  I am lucky that our beautiful White River where I live and the twin lakes that include Lake Bull Shoals are usually so clear you can see the fish swimming under the surface.

Though they turned out to be ‘pretty’ cards, the intent wasn’t to be pretty. I feel strongly about all the garbage that is thrown into our oceans, lakes and streams. I constructed the cards by collaging squares of fabric, with a vintage scarf layering. Then stitching, painting and embellishing. I wanted to illustrate that even though we can see shells and coral along with a line of seaweed along a saltwater beach, it is an indication of how we are killing our oceans and life is dieing to be washed ashore.

Its been awhile since I linked up with Off the Wall Friday, but I need to finish the year up right!

2 thoughts on “Seashore Inspired Artist Trading Card

  1. I think you captured the effects of the Line is the Sand quite well. I can definitely see the foam of the water and the detritus. And it is an attractive piece, too.

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