Losing Clutter, Gaining Creativity, and Walking the Walk

This de cluttering is a slow process. I’ve started it but seem to loose focus when there is a path in the stuff , both real and psychological. That allows a narrow window to create something small. Then it starts all over again. I need to make this a priority in my creative life. It will be life and soul changing.

The Slow Stitching Movement

Putting my money where my mouth is  

When practicing slow stitching, it is sometimes easy to forget that the concept of “slowing down” in a comprehensive, life-affirming, and creative way is more than talking the talk. Stitching slow means more than just occasionally focusing on one or two tenets of The Slow Stitching Movement.

This past week, I put my money where my mouth is. I simply could no longer write my morning process pages, stitch with intention, take my three photos a day, etc. without committing to, or throwing a little action behind, all of the elements of the slow stitching philosophy that is designed to open and flex my creativity. That’s why I have decided to step up and get rid of everything in my studio that will not serve my greater creative purpose.


I have been collecting fabric, books, notions, threads, needlepoint canvas, linen, wool…

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2 thoughts on “Losing Clutter, Gaining Creativity, and Walking the Walk

  1. Ever time I finish a big project, a big clean screams out for attention. Having just finished a quilt for one of my grandsons, I’m now tackling yet another reorganization…the price we pay to be able to access the things we have.

  2. I recently moved my studio from the first floor to the second floor so for short time it was very organized . Now one project later it’s total chaos. It really has to be a focus and a practiced skill.
    One of the biggest advantages of being organized is that you actually know what you have in your stash so you don’t forget to use it. But for me it’s a total struggle to be organized I doubt if it’ll ever happen .

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