Wrist Support the cheap way…

As many of you know, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. Like all people with RA there are good days and days you have to push yourself to get out of bed. That makes it difficult to complete projects.  While in Tennessee at Arrowmont, Joan Morris showed us this great stuff that she wraps her fingers in when she is pulling shibori strings. I don’t know if it is her creative use of it or if it came from the hand therapist she uses.

I have used Nike Dry Fit women’s weight lifting gloves for support. This method is so forgiving  as you move but gives my tendons much needed support while trying to finish a project. It is adjustable and you can place it where you need support the most.  It is the stuff that horse ankles are wrapped with for support. Yes, you can buy it for humans in white at a much much higher price. The stuff for horses at our local feed store is $2.49 a tube and comes in really cool colors.  It can be unstuck and reused when you use it on your hands and wrists.  So, here are what my hands look like wrapped and ready to rumble…’errr quilt….

suppport 1 support

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  1. Most any feed or tack store will have Equine Leg Wrap. It is also sold in smaller width rolls for small animals. The vets here use it since it doesn’t stick to the fur. When you first wrap it, make sure that you fold a small piece over at the end so you can easily get a hold of it later. Thanks for reading my article in Paper Art 2014 and my blog!!

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