Leaving on a jet plane…

Well not really. The theme for my Arts in The Cards group this month was City Scapes. I could not get inspired beyond anything but the predictable buildings against the skyline. I started with that and they sat on my wet table, eventually that attempt was used on the back of the finished card. I couldn’t let anything go to waste, lol.

About the only thing I like about flying is the view of the city at take off and landing. The trail of headlights and tail lights is fascinating in the patterns they make from thousands of feet in the air.So that is the inspiration for my cards. When seen all together you can see the city with the darker buildings and grayer parking lots. Definitely more me!

may city scapes full                           may city scapes closeup

2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane…

  1. You just never know what will come from a prompt and our little group of artists. But…I thought you would like these so I made an extra to send to you as an extra treat.

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