More on Lessons Learned

I wanted to tell you a little more about the lessons I learned recently. Sometimes I write things to release them to the cosmos so I can move past them. That’s why I posted them.

The first lesson about a good deed was simple. I gave an acquaintance a large amount of Koa wood so her son could use it. She had lamented that he was starting to work in wood but all the exotic woods are expensive. Koa wood is VERY expensive and I had a large wide frame that I could part with to help him get started. The only thing I asked for in return was that he make some small token for me like a  hera marker. That was more than a year ago and my emails to her asking for either this small token or the wood back go unanswered. Its a shame really, but I learned that she and her son are the poorer for this and you can’t make someone show their appreciation.  I do believe in Karma.

The lessons I learned on written instructions and workshops all have to do with some of the natural dyeing I’ve been doing.  I have books from a couple of internationally known teachers. One says scouring the fabrics isn’t really necessary and another says it is.  The supply list for a workshop says to bring fabric that has been scoured but doesn’t elaborate. I cannot imagine a total beginner making heads or tails from all this.

I have used both methods for dyeing with good results. Or at least I thought I used both methods before dyeing. I have an old book on the subject of natural dye and decided to give that method of scouring fabric a go. Wow. Was I ever surprised. The water from previously scoured fabric turned so brown it looked like the fabric was in a tannin bath. I haven’t used any of it to dye yet, that will have to wait a few days. But I hope you can see why I was  frustrated about it all.