Learning Lessons for Old Dogs

Recent lessons learned in the last month

  • Sometimes when you do a good deed it comes back to bite you in the butt
  • When you buy a technique book it may have incomplete instructions so I won’t buy their books again
  • Some authors are more giving and sharing of full details than others so I will always buy their books
  • When you pay a lot of money for a workshop you don’t always get all the information you need
  • Do your own experimenting and research and suck it up when  the workshop leader assumes everyone knows the answers
  • When you sell something you have created there are people who want you to give them directions to make it on their own and for free (** NOTE: I didn’t sell it in a book or workshop)
  • When your husband tells you not to lift something….DON’T !
  • There are caring and giving friends who don’t come under the first thing on this list so I will pay it forward

Quite a lot of learning in the last few days and I am not too old to learn from them!