2014 Art plans

OMG..I thought I was going to vegetate this year . Then when I wrote all this down it sounds like I’m way too busy to take on anything else!

I plan on joining SDA; sending my resume to the Arkansas Arts program ( I was a designated Illinois Artisan when I lived in Illinois); jurying for Art Odyssey which is an artist studio tour ; jurying for War Eagle Fair  ( started as Arkansas artists but has expanded past that. You still have to jury for the main ground artisan tents); participate in an international  invitational exhibt/sale in PA at a facility that has purchased from me in the past for their corporate collection; maybe jury for a local artist co-op gallery; possibly submit a plan to the Arkansas Craft School to do classes there in 2015, populate my Etsy store with inventory and continue to destash on Ebay. Oh yes, participating in a group challenge for Stretching Art and Tradition. And while doing that, continuing to build my body of work. AND  enjoying being a Master Gardener.

It will be interesting to see how much of this I can accomplish. I’ve had some unusual spurts of energy and pain free days so I’m getting a lot done right now. I have had so many years of debilitating pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and thanks to a new supplement I started taking I feel better. I’m hoping it will continue!