I have inherited somehow and from somewhere, a NASTY little Brownie. I don’t mean those cute tiny little Girl Scouts who come to the door begging you to buy cookies.  I mean one of those tiny creatures who come out at night and carry off things you need and hide them so no matter how many places you look you cannot find what you are looking for. Never mind that it is always in the last place you look…with these little suckers there IS no last place!

I’ve moved things myself because all the construction going on here; new studio cabinets, taking over a space for dyeing, moving looms and yarns to new locations…but everything was boxed and binned carefully so it could go back into its proper home.  HA!  What a fool I was.

The first thing to go into the netherlands was a box of dye. I waited and waited after Easter for all the egg dye to get marked down to a dime.  Then I filled a cart, checked out and when I got home I disposed of all the boxes so that I had a tiny box of those magic acid dye tablets. Along with that I put all my packets of Kool Aid from the warehouse store.  GONE!  Completely and totally gone.  Not in the studio, the dye room, the pantry or any nook or cranny.

Right before Christmas I washed, dried and folded fat quarters ready to go into mordants for natural dyeing. GONE ! Completely and totally gone.  Not in the studio, the dye room, the pantry or any nook or cranny.

I told my friend Liz that I hope when this particular creature dies that I will be able to find my stuff. She said she has one living at her house that has a wicked sense of humor. Maybe the next time she comes to play a stow away will find its way into her bag and go off to play with her brownie!  If you want to read more about these creatures, check out this blog.

“What a messy room! Don’t worry. I’ll clean it for you.”

8 thoughts on “Brownies!!

  1. Your brownie needs sustenance and something to do. I recommend leaving out cookies and bits of fabric and yarn for him or her to be busied with over the long night time hours. Good luck.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Janice.
    Well, any brownie living with me have both sustenance and plenty to do, so why has he or she hidden my mobile phone? No use trying to call it, I know I have the sound turned off…

    Good luck finding your stuff.

  3. I’ve found out there are a lot of Brownies living with us! Everyone would like to send theirs on a vacation. I suggested a family reunion some places far away!

  4. Well your Brownie must have been on a diet a few days ago because I chopped up 5 large, full stalks of celery to use in my Olive Salad and now after 7 days still have not found even the empty bowl they were in. Maybe you should try listening for the crunch of your Brownie eating my celery.

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