Revenge of the Mad Rotary Ruler

The dangers of cutting rulers
The dangers of cutting rulers

Well golly gee…we all know how dangerous those sharp rotary cutting blades are. And many know how painful a machine needle through the finger is….or the plentiful pricks from a hand needle. But who would have thought there was danger lurking in the heavy plastic cutting rulers. They look so innocent just waiting to attack.

I found that out the hard way. This is my foot a few days after the initial bite. I even had shoes and socks on but that ruler jumped right off the cutting table and aimed its sharp corners straight for my instep. It hurt…a LOT…but we had errands to run so I didn’t even take a look. The next morning when I put my slippers on it was red and swollen and hurt like heck.  I didn’t take a photo then since I wouldn’t want to gross you out.

So here is hoping you all will have a SAFE quilting new year.  You might check out some fashionable steel toed boots to wear in the studio to go along with that cutting glove that protects your hands from the rotary cutter. Who knew???

5 thoughts on “Revenge of the Mad Rotary Ruler

  1. Yikes!! I guess I better be more mindful of those attack rulers, too… Good thing you were wearing shoes! I’m usually wearing slippers with soft tops… Might need to re-think that… Hope things heal fast!

  2. OMG that has happened to me twice and it hurts like a mother! Those things are hard, they are sharp, and they gather strength as they fall!! I don’t think steel toed boots would help as they almost always go for the instep. I’ve wondered if they broke any little bones, but so far the injury heals in about 5 days. Poor girl!
    Leeanna Paylor

  3. I feel like I need those foam corners people tape on furniture when a baby is in the house. I just don’t know how you could cut around them!

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